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We are former career FDA Inspectors, Investigators (Consumer Safety Officers), Supervisory Investigators, Diplomats and International Program Analysts with a wide range of Domestic and International Regulatory experience.

The firm was founded by Mr. Luis Chavarría with a 32 YEAR EXPERIENCE CAREER as a former US Justice Department Law Enforcement Agent, FDA Inspector, FDA Investigator, FDA Supervisory Investigator, FDA Medical Device Specialist, and Associated Director for International Programs, Latin America. 

Mr. Chavarría has conducted hundreds of regulatory, criminal investigations, and has testified in Federal Court as part of his duties in the Justice Department and the FDA, including US District Court Grand Jury Proceedings on FDA matters. Mr. Chavarria has collected hundreds of samples in the various investigations and inspections he has conducted. We now work with all private companies to help meet regulatory requirements.

All Supaso Associates are all former field personnel with training and with first-hand regulatory experience in imports and domestic program areas.

Our personnel is completely bilingual English-Spanish. If the contract service specifies a written report, we can provide it in Spanish.


Strive to seek evidence of compliance with FDA Regulations in the interest of our clients resulting in a quality effective and safe product.


A customer base that has Quality and Compliance Sustainability.

We are located in the United States in Texas and California along the US/Mexico border, where we provide service to the importing community and the maquiladora industry in Medical Device, Drug, and food industry.